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Kinders: The Dawn of Thorns

In the year 2117, people with abnormal abilities were identified. They were labeled as Kinders, a new subspecies of humans, and treated as third class citizens. Nearly three decades later, the conflict between Normals and Kinders continues. The world is becoming increasingly agitated as Kinder groups start coming out of hiding to fight against their oppression. The clashes between the Kinder Detection Department, a global agency tasked with finding and eliminating Kinders, and the radicals become bloodier by the day.

Simond, a telekinetic Kinder living in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has lived a relatively quiet life given his circumstances. Having come from a fair amount of wealth, his Normal parents had enrolled him in the KDD’s Protection Program at an early age. In exchange for his continued permittance to live, his parents would pay the KDD a sum of money every month. But with the public’s view of Kinders shifting, the KDD abolish the program.

Simond’s only friend, the very man tasked with arresting and executing him, warns him instead and tells of a secret place hidden deep in the Altai Mountains on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan—a place of refuge for people like him. 

With little choice in the matter, Simond leaves behind everything he’s ever known and travels alone to the camp. There, for the first time, he begins to feel like he belongs. 

But things at the camp aren’t perfect, and it isn’t long before his old life starts to catch up with him. With ghosts from his past haunting him and events at camp taking a worrying turn, he starts to wonder if anywhere will ever be truly safe.

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