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Kinders: The Dawn of Thorns

In the year 2149, everyone has secrets, and most of them are deadly.

Simond, a telekinetic Kinder living in Moscow, has led a relatively quiet existence given his circumstances. Having been born to a Normal family, things have never been perfect, but life in the Kinder Detection Department’s Protection Program is far preferable to the alternatives: a life spent on the run, or death.

But with Kinder resistances growing and the public’s views shifting, the KDD terminates their program. Simond’s only friend, the very man tasked with arresting and bringing him in for execution, instead risks everything to tell him of a hidden camp deep in the Altai Mountains: a place of refuge for people with abilities.

Leaving behind everything he’s ever known, Simond travels alone to the mountains. There, for the first time, he begins to feel like he belongs. But shortly after his arrival, a drone is spotted stalking the camp.


With the threat of discovery looming, and mysterious disappearances around camp, Simond realizes that safety is never promised, and that running away doesn't mean you won't bring home with you.

Meet The Characters

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